While we mostly do vehicle graphics and signage, every once in a while we get a request for something unusual and fun. A few months ago we were approached by a customer who was flipping a house, and wanted to disguise a support beam to look more like a decorative wood beam.
Being no strangers to wall graphics, we figured we could easily handle a dimensional ceiling wrap!
They gave us a section of the flooring to match the color and grain, to ensure the wrap went with the rest off the decor they had chosen.

Look at how fast Brian is using his squeegee!

We printed 3-4 rectangular sections of wall wrap material (with a nice matte finish) to avoid installing 30-40 feet in one shot. We applied the one vertical side first, wrapped it under the beam then finished it on the opposite vertical side. We finished it with a little heat and trimmed it along the moldings.

It was a fun little reminder of all of the odd-ball things we can do in additional to vehicles!